We would like to take you back to the first team to start breaking barriers in women's basketball, The Edmonton Grads. The team would begin as a high school team in 1912 by John Percy Page. With no gym to practice the team would practice outside 2 times a week even in the winter. They would finally begin competitive play in 1914.





When it was time for the girls to graduate in 1915 they decided they wanted to continue playing. Which is why some give credit the team started in 1915 since the officially became the Commercial Graduates (the Grads). They would travel all over in 1915 becoming the provincial champions. It wasn't until April 27,1919 that the Grads would take their first loss losing by 2 points to the University of Alberta Varsity. The Grads and Alberta would play 4 times in total going 2 amd 2 in those 4 games.



In 1923 the Grads became the inital North American Underwood Trophy. Since they still retained their Ameutur status in 1924 they would be eligible for the first Olympics to have basketball as am official event. They would win every game by an average of 60-10. Upon returning home they would gain so much sponsorship they would gain their own arena



After winning the Candaian national title in 1928 they would go to Europe to compete and would win every game by 60-70 points. They would be so dominat they would win every Olympic tournament until 1936



In 1936 they would compete against a Tulsa Stenos in a 9 game exhibition. A Stenos team that featured, Peggy Lawson, Lera and Vera Dunford, and Hazel Vickers. Who were 4 of the best players in AAU basketball and the Stenos themselves were 3x AAU champions. The Stenos couldn't beat them even with all their talent .In fact almost Noone could the Stenos Amassed a amazing 502-20 (96.25 winning % which also includes a 7-2 record against men's team) in their 25 years of existence.



In 1940 the Royal Candaian Air force would take over their arena for war time use. And the team would soon disband. Dr James Naismith himself called the Grads the finest team he ever saw step on a floor. In 2018 the final living member Kay McBeth passed away.and in case you are wondering they played full court 5 man game