When we talk about the greatest women basketballcplayers of all time. One that always gets looked over is Hazel Walker.


Pictured here in 1949 with her team the Arkansas Travelers. Hazel would begin playing in high-school from 1928-1932 where she would get a scholarship to play with the Tulsa Business College. Then would play with the Stenos and in 1934 would win the AAU National tournament. From there she would join the AAU El Dorado Arkansas Lion oil team. In 1936 would lose to her former Steno team in the finals. She would be recruited by Olson to join the first women's professional team, initially turning it down. Instead play for the Norwood Flyers which would win 4 AAU titles from 1937-1941. In 1945 she would eventually take Olson up on his offer and begin her professional career. After 4 years in 1949 her team of Redheads would disband with 3 forming the orginal red heads, one joined a new team the Lassies and the other 2 would join Hazel on her new team she formed The Arkansas Travelers who would barnstorm and play against men. One complaint Hazel had was playing basketball with gimmicks, but she soon realized that is what drew the fans in so she would have her team in the first half play with gimmicks and the 2nd half was all serious basketball. Her teams would play 220 games a season all against men and win approx 80% of those ganes. Hazel would retire in 1965 at the age of 50 saying she was starting to get to old to play men 7 days a week. From 1945-1965 she played against men, gull court using mens rules


The WNBA Would play tribute to the Travelers in 1997: with some of the only remaining video of the travelers playing:



Another great documentary on the travelers: